Storage Auctions 4 Dummies Page 7.
OK so you have seen the latest television shows about storage auctions like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters and are thinking about jumping in on the fun.  That's great, but before you do, join us for a few minutes…it might make you or save you a lot of money.
                                                                                                                              © 2013 Profit or Loss Now you got everything home and it’s time to sort and figure out what to do with all you have. Plan on making a garbage pile for the dump and if you stay in the storage auction business plan on feeding the pockets of the local dump. First things first....Make a garbage pile, a donation pile (Goodwill and Salvation’ll see)...hopefully you either have a store or you are already selling on Ebay and or Craigs List and have a pretty good knowledge of what things are worth. The Internet is a wonderful tool to use to find out the value of the treasures you just aquired. Make an inventory list of everything and place a value on each item. Figure out if it’s flea market-garage sale items or store items or Ebay or Craigs List and start listing these items for sale...Even the big stuff that cant ship USPS or Fedex or UPS can be sold on Ebay because we now have UShip and thats a great way to get large items shipped all over the country for a good price, we use UShip all the time for large items we sell...there is a Link for them at the bottom of the page. OK, so now figure in all your expenses, gas, truck rental, unit and all costs involved with it, dump fees etc etc....hopefully you made money, hopefully you found a great treasure in your locker and made a fortune. Please understand that this is a business and it’s not easy, it is alot of work and can be very time consuming and if you make bad buys at auctions you will go sure to plan your selling strategies in advance.  This is very important as it is natural in this business to focus on the discipline of efficient acquisition of possessions that have value at a discounted price but just as necessary is the ability to sell items quickly for profit. Ok, be careful, have some fun and make some money......JV        Good Unit to Buy Garbage Unit Dont Buy

Shipping Large Items