Storage Auctions 4 Dummies Page 5.
OK so you have seen the latest television shows about storage auctions like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters and are thinking about jumping in on the fun.  That's great, but before you do, join us for a few minutes…it might make you or save you a lot of money.
                                                                                                                              © 2013    Auction Day Ok today is the are excited..but beware....relax and take a few deep breaths. Make sure you arrive at least 1/2 hour before the auction starts so you can register, make sure you have a photo id with you and be aware that some auctions charge you a $50 or $100 bidder deposit that you will get back after the auction. Also be prepared for a large crowd of people, maybe 50-200 people...since the TV Shows came on, auctions have become alot more active and usually full of people that dont know what they are doing and over bid....dont play their game. Try not to act like a newbie and try to look like  you know what you are doing, believe it or not, just like on TV, there are people there that will bid you up on purpose just to make you spend all your money you have quickly so when a good unit does come up, you cant bid. So don’t get caught up in a bidders war. I would rather go home empty handed and still have my money in my pocket instead of being screwed for loosing money by over paying for a unit...think!!! Don’t let your pride get in the way!! So when the door opens you are given time to look at unit, it goes quickly so you have to make your decision to bid quickly, you don’t have time to look things up on your phone or Ipad so know what you are bidding on when you look...Also only bid on what you see, not what you don’t...if you see junk like in the photo to the below right, just keep on walking, if it’s like the photo on top...that’s a money maker, but only if you dont over see nice furniture and neatly packed boxes...thats a money maker...remember you are here to make money, don’t just buy lockers and think your going find hidden treasures because your chances are very slim that you will...remember TV Shows are done for entertainment, you are doing this to make a living and pay your bills and your not being paid by the TV Show to be there. Another tip on buying, every unit is dusty, look to be sure it doesnt look like the unit has been disturbed. Look to see if boxes have had the tape ripped off or cut, look for foot prints in the I believe most people and businesses are honest and play the game fair but I know for a fact that some times the units are gone through in advance and anything of value is removed prior to the auction and all that is left to bid on is beware. Maybe it’s the original lock, maybe it isnt, some have already had there locks removed and just have a any time you bid you are bidding in the dark...thats why the rule is only bid on what you can see, you cannot go in the unit and you can’t touch or open any boxes. Also if you are lucky enough to be in a location where it is easy to attend storage auctions, leave your money at home and just go to watch and learn.  Try to seek out experienced people who will give you advice.  Some will and some won't but don't let that discourage you.        Click next link above to continue.  Good Unit to Buy Garbage Unit Dont Buy

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