Storage Auctions 4 Dummies Page 4.
OK so you have seen the latest television shows about storage auctions like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters and are thinking about jumping in on the fun.  That's great, but before you do, join us for a few minutes…it might make you or save you a lot of money.
                                                                                                                              © 2013   Before Auction Depending on where you live and where the auction is located you will want to make sure the auction is still going to happen as the delinquent renter has right up until the auction to bring there payment current, if this happens their unit is pulled from the auction. Its always a good idea to call the auction company or the storage unit office the day before to make sure the auction is still on. You can find their phone numbers in the auction ad. There is still a chance the unit will still be pulled on auction day if the bill is paid. If we have to travel a long distance where maybe we have to rent a motel room to be there on time we don’t usually do this unless it is confirmed for sure in advance that there will be a number of units to bid on. The expense involved and the time is just not worth it. Also you will want to confirm in advance the rule for when the unit has to be cleaned out, if it is the same day make sure you you go prepared with a truck and or trailer so you can clean out the unit...with the cost of gas and if you have to rent a truck and then pay a drop off fee if its a far enough away auction, will be quite costly and really dip into your profits....these are all things that have to be considered in advance. Click next link above to continue. 

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